Lake Chickakoo

Last time I came to Lake Chickakoo was in late October a few seasons back. Eric had promised me spawning Brook Trout with brilliant orange bellies and giant hook jaws. Needless to say at the time I was totally sold. Once we arrived the water looked awesome. Like a sheet of glass it was so calm. It might have been looked calm but that’s because it was frozen. Long story short we spent some time trying to break the ice but didn’t manage to get a line in the water. That was my only Chickakoo Story till today.

Logan and I hatched a plan to put the float tubes in the water this weekend on Sunday. We didn’t leave super early but got there around 10:30. It was there first time I had my float tube out so I was pretty pumped. The only set back was the wind came up as soon as we got there. Logan ended up talking to a guy who was just leaving, and he had already had a pretty successful day, landing five or six trout that morning. He said most of the ones he pulled in were only hovering around about 6 inches though. Either way I was fired up. He also gave us a tip to hit Sour Lake which isn’t to far from where we were for bigger fish. So watch for that in the future.

Logan pulled one in within about 5 minutes of being on the water and then a few more when he was in a bay a bit further out. I only managed to get a few nibbles and some very tangled line.

Like I mentioned earlier wind was a factor. I couldn’t get too far down the lake but Logan seemed to be having a better time navigating. Casting became and issue when you got into the very middle of the lake but if you hung around the bays it was manageable. I still haven’t acquired a new spool and put sinking line on it, so I threw some split shot on.

After proclaiming that I was stating to think I was the worst fisherman in Alberta he mentioned leaving and getting lunch which sounded pretty good to me. We were still casting on the way in and in the bay near where we parked the fish we really biting. He caught a few nice Brook Trout and I caught a nice 8 inch Brook Trout of my own.

Here are the photos, next time we’ll hit Sour.




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