Canada Day Fly Fishing

What is better than fishing on Canada Day? Maybe catching a fish on Canada Day! This is mainly a photo update but since Canada Day fell on a Friday, Logan and I hatched (no pun intended) a plan to go fly fishing at Stauffer Creek and set out early. We even saw a few young Moose on the way out.


The day was warm but not baking hot and the cloud cover was good since I have heard Brown Trout don’t like the sun. We didn’t catch any thing which is pretty standard for me, but we had tons of bites. I found it frustrating because they bite so gingerly it’s hard to know what’s really happening even with a strike indicator. We fished the North Raven River before moving to the Raven River proper. It was the same places I fished with Mike last fall. When we got to the last part near the Provincial Rec Area, the Mosquitoes were so bad it drove us to the car and ultimately home.


Enjoy the photos; I still can’t get over how driving a relatively short distance (100 meters in some cases) can change the scenery so much.





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