Follow up: GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Base Camper Cookset

Last week I did a follow up on the Tarn 3 Review I did. Here is the follow up on the GSI Outdoors bugaboo base camper cook set.


The Bugaboo has a Teflon cook set so make sure you have the proper tools not to scratch the coating. Also keep in mind that it is not designed for super high heat so watch out.


Breakfast is the strong set of this cook set. I have a 2 burner Coleman camp stove which works like a charm. I no longer cook beans when I do breakfast like before. Just bacon, eggs and hash browns. I don’t use the lids anymore unless I’m boiling water. The best thing to use the lids for is covering your bacon and hash browns while you cook your eggs. I did cook some beans and wieners on my one burner stove and it worked really well.


During the past two outings I haven’t used the 2 liter pot but would if I was cooking for two. For myself the 1.5 liter pot works fine.


Cleaning is easy. If you don’t have any water a paper towel will do nicely, but as with all outings it’s important to wash it when you get back to civilization.


I did have one of the lids start to get warm and melt during May Long but I caught it before it stuck to the pot or damaged the lid any further. Emails to GSI regarding this issue went unanswered but other than that lack of customer service I’m really happy with this purchase.



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