Follow Up: Mountain Equipment Co-op’s Tarn 3

Here is a follow up on the Gear Review I did on MEC’s Tarn 3 Tent.


Last time I slept in it was during a trip to Drumheller. Since then I’ve slept it in for 7 full nights. Three over May Long and Four when I travelled to Sasquatch Music Festival.


Over May Long, the site we chose had a lot of moss and I didn’t have to put it onto a gravel pad. This was comfortable but I do think the ground sheet helped. I got a bit of water in during a Sunday night rainstorm but not enough to be significant. It was revealed that I forgot to do up a Velcro strap on the fly that attached to the pole. I also forgot to do a peg to one of the ropes to shed water. Given this fact I think that having this been done properly there would be no leakage.


I really like the vestibule and stored my waders and shoes there during may long. This is perfect for muddy shoes and having a bit of dry space when putting them on. The temperature dropped during both trips but I was comfortable and had a great sleep.


Condensation was minimal. I kept the vent on the door open half way on all nights as well as the vent that was on the fly. I love the vent on the fly because it can be fully open and still not allow any water to get in.


Take down time varies depending on your commitment level, but during Sasquatch I had it down and packed in under 10 minutes.


All in all, I would buy this tent again. It’s a bit heavy so it is going to be better suited for destination camping rather than backpacking.



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