Marmot Day Trip

Last weekend we decided to head out to Marmot and do a day trip. It has snowed a few times in the last few weeks and it was rumored that all the rocks that had been painted white in the off season were now all covered and conditions were prime. It was going to be a busy one so we got started early. Vic called both Colin and I at 4:30 am and a few minutes later he showed up at the house and I started getting my poop in a group. Moments later Rich walked in the door and we were starting to load the stuff.


I grabbed my board and boots and Vic grabbed my backpack and we started to go to the truck. Colin and Rich had ran down the block to push out some damsel in distress who couldn’t figure out how to drive in the snow and had gotten stuck. Little did we know that she was a raging crack head full of booze and or one or more illicit substances. She was spitting profanities like no ones business and decided that after getting unstuck and going down good ol’ 100th street she would be better off to go back, turn down my avenue and ram the truck. Colin was pretty quick to act as the rest of us onlookers watched as our ski trip was about to be potentially put on ice. She ended up stopping about 4-5 feet short of the truck and Colin reversed the whole way down the block into the alley where she was headed. That didn’t seem good enough so he reversed again, this time onto 99th and she finally got to her crack spot and left us alone.


We finally got on the road at about 5:20 am, a little worse for wear mentally but that quickly faded with the prospect of mountains, ski bunnies and good snow on the horizon. We made the traditional quick coffee stop in Edson, and Rich met up with his buddies who we were going to ride with that day. The sun was coming up by then and despite a desperate need to get rid of the Tim’s coffee we just drank, we made tracks for the park gate and rolled up to lot 4 at around 9:15. I knew mike was on his way as well but hadn’t heard from him since we stopped in Edson. He mentioned he was just in Edson and roughly 2 hours from any sort of skiing. Boo-earns.


After a nice first run to the base we went to buy lift tickets and it was a total gong show. People left right and center. A long snaking line of humanity, eager but impatient to get out there and experience the mountain. We took a collective pee break and purged the Tim’s from our bodies before biting the bullet and getting in line. On our second loop in the line, a saint of a man pulled us out of the line and took us to the front of the group sales line and we were off and running.


I don’t know where the miscommunication happened but as soon as we got to the top it was planned to head to the Knob. Now although Victor is one of those guys who is awesome at any sport, he bailed in transit to the Knob chair and while he and Colin were shopping at the yard sale that had ensued they managed to get to low. By this time I had hiked up to the chair and was with Rich and a few cats he knows. I decided to stick with Col and Vic and we planned to meet up again at around lunch time.


Here’s the thing. That never works. You get side tracked. Some one is riding the top when the other party is riding the mid mountain. I found it quite regrettable that we didn’t get to ride much together that day. There will be another trip and maybe we can keep our poop in a group next time. We rode most of the mountains and after hitting the Knob chair till it got busy we spent the rest of the day riding the far right of the mountain. Although the Caribou chair was pretty slow at times the snow was nice and there were fewer crowds then everywhere else. And then a funny thing happened. We caught site of Rich and when we came down he was going up! So we were back together as a unit. And then another thing happened. Mike and Cindy yelled at me from about 5 chairs back of Rich. So now we were really rolling. We did a few more runs and then called it. My ankle was bothering me and it was 10 to 4. What an awesome day.


I’m still hunting for a powder day this season. I think my key is going to be taking a day or so off work mid week when it snows. Beat the crowd’s sort of thing. But there’s hope after all. First week of February we will be in Big White, and I hear it’s sensational.


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