My Return to Lake Louise

Victor and I headed out to Calgary to visit Ryan and Domi and go skiing this past weekend. Being New Years day when we left, the roads were pretty quiet and after a few hours we were at Ryan’s and enjoying episodes of The Wire in preparation for the day of skiing ahead.


This was Vic’s first trip to the mountains and my return to Lake Louise after a long absence. I never really liked Louise because she was always icy when I went. But after hearing Ryan rave about it for a few weeks we all decided to give it a shot. Given our collective boredom with sunshine these days and the twinning of the highway to Lake Louise everything was lining up nicely.


Snow reports didn’t look to great since there had been no new snow in the last few days but when we got there at a bit after nine we were pleasantly surprised to find a spot in the first parking lot. After getting suited up I collected my free lift ticket (loving that Lake Louise card) and headed to the quad. Temperatures were hovering around -18 but after a few runs I was nice and toasty warm. I was also wearing my new wool sweater which helped tons.


Ryan played tour guide for us since I’d never really ridden a big portion of the hill before. Over the course of the day we hit up most of lifts and a bunch of trails. I had a few spills but nothing serious and by the time lunch rolled around we were getting some mid-afternoon sun that was softening up the slopes nicely.


After enjoying some chicken fingers and Poutine we headed back out and went to the Larch chair to shoot some video, which can be found on our YouTube account and in the media section.


The rest of the day was cake, fast runs, sharp turns and deep carves punctuated the last hour or so. It wasn’t until the sun went down enough to cast most of the mountain in shadow did I start to tire. I had a particular big spill on my second last run as result of an icy spot and when I got to the lift, the lifty even asked if I was ok. Glad to see someone cared, even though I wished it would have been the hot blond from before as opposed to the Aussie that remained. All in all it was an awesome trip and Vic’s defiantly a skier. It might be his natural skill when it comes to sports but whatever it is I’m glad to have another person to explore the ski areas of this province and beyond.


Now if only I could get a good powder day in…









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