Salter’s Lake

Headed out at to Salter’s lake with Mike and Logan today for the first and last shot at ice fishing this year. It was pretty nice weather wise, and having just bought my first ice rod I was pretty pumped to get out there and slay some fish. We headed out at about 9:30 and being the Salter’s lake is out near Alberta Beach it’s not an ungodly distance but takes about 40 minutes.

I was feeling pretty lucky and optimistic, given that the last time we were at Salter’s I caught a pretty sizeable rainbow and it was my birthday so that was a nice present for me. When we got there a few folks who were leaving had limited out at 5 fish and mentioned someone had pulled out a 3 pound monster earlier in the morning. This fit with the rumor of a 4 pounder a few weeks ago according to the folks at the Fishing Hole. I was using a Forage Minnow on top and tied on a Black Chironomid I tied the night before as a drop down fly. Once I got in the ice tent I could see there was lots of interest but nothing took the bait. Story of my life these days.

After those few interested fish took a look and decided how unhungry they were the fishing dropped off. Logan‘s brother pulled in a small rainbow about 20 minutes before we left. In addition to being an expert fisherman, taking photos is another one of my fortes, but I only managed to get him releasing the beast back into the hole from which it came!

Better luck next time boys!


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