Well if you don’t have any snow yet it’s probably coming soon and if you’re in the mountains hopefully it’s dumping. This winter is going to be a good one. With a few trips already planned and a few other weekends open there should be lots of time to get out there and enjoy the cold snowy Alberta landscape.

This winter the main things you’ll notice that have changed on the site is the snow report that I added and that the schedule is looking pretty sparse right now. Depending on how things shape up I will be having a more fluid and spontaneous time this winter as commitments cut into adventure time. For anyone looking for the hunting and fishing regs please email me and I will be more than happy too hook you up.

As for updates you can look forward to things like Ski trips, Cat Skiing, the paddle project, possibly the canoe project, fly tying (or my attempt at it), Ice fishing, maybe some indoor climbing, curling updates, some possible hikes, snow shoeing, and anything else that comes up. Also, I think I’m going to another rodeo so that should be in there too. And of course watch for guest bloggers.

Please keep in mind that the snow reports are updated every hour and if you don’t see your resort or are planning an awesome trip you can check that stuff at onthesnow which is linked on that page as well.

Another thing I’d like to see is some emails from you guys, let me know what you’re doing and what you think.

In parting checkout my last shot before freeze up. I didn’t catch any fish which isn’t a big surprise but having to cast around little bergs was kind of cool. It’s hard to imagine that a few days after I took that the river was almost totally frozen.

See you out there,




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