Rodeo Weekend!

What a weekend! Not to long ago Ben, who is attending Lakeland College in Vermillion invited us all out to the rodeo this past weekend. He mentioned it was high time that we make the trip and come visit him instead of him coming home. I was all for the idea and said I was on board from the beginning. A few of the other guys seemed pretty interested as well but no one really confirmed till this past week. So Saturday morn we loaded up the Jetta and heading East for the town of Vermilion, Alberta. To my first rodeo.

Now I’ve always thought of myself as kind of a cowboy, you know being from Alberta and liking the outdoors, wild animals, and horses and stuff. I gots me a cowboy hat and a cowboy shirt but I never had any shitkickers and thought it had been bout long enough, so I went and picked a pair out about half hour before we left.

Originally I was going to get the traditional black pointed toe style, but after seeing them on my feet with the denim I was wearing I requested something with a square toe and the pair she picked out for me were beauties. They were about 50 bucks more than I wanted to spend but after doing the quick 20% off calculation it worked out to only bout 10 more than I budgeted for but I took into account that cowboy boots do last a long time. I ended up wearing them out.

I kept it a secret from Mike and Dave and they were surprised when I showed them. I’d like to think they were a bit jealous but I was coming in guns blazing for this and Mike said I defiantly looked the part. The drive was uneventful which was good and apart from some Buffalo near Elk Island National Park, we saw no animals. We did pass the glorious town of Mannville and contemplated stopping, but decided it would cut into rodeo time so I put the pedal down to make some time.

We pulled up and checked into our room and started into some beers and not long after that, Ben showed up and we headed to the rodeo! The walk was cool but after getting a tour around campus we arrived, paid our fee, and watched some animals run around! I loved every minute of it, and the fact that there were cowgirls everywhere and a few beers stashed in our bags made it all the better. The only thing I was really disappointed with was that Justin was having such a hard time with his asthma and ended up having to get outta there. It would have been awesome for all of us to be able to be there but health takes precedence here. 

We pretty much had a prime seat for the bull riding, and I gotta say those cats are crazy. The bulls were so wild and even though there were only five riders a few got stepped on but none of ’em made 8.

After the rodeo was the famed rodeo dance. We headed back to the super 8 for some brews and ended up playing some cards and drinking games before heading out. Things were dragging on at the hotel and we finally made it out to the dance in a few groups. Tickets were 7 for $20 and I ended up burning through about 9 or 10. The dancing was awesome, except for the fact I didn’t really dance. I like to two-step but once I saw all the real cowboys cutting it up I was intimidated like crazy. I did end up dancing with the bartender who was a total babe but they cut the song short, I was able to hold my own for a few minutes then it seemed like everything shut for the night. They closed the door to the bar and about 20 minutes later the lights came on and people started filing out. We did the same and headed back for a bit o shut eye.

All in all I had an awesome time. For anyone who has never been to a rodeo I strongly recommend it. The people were nice, the small town setting was awesome, and the rodeo was pretty good as well. Ben mentioned that the PBR is in town the week before my birthday in March and he extended an invite to that so who knows what will happen. Also, next weeks the CFR and I may just rustle up some tickets for Saturday.

I’ll be seein’ ya.



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