2010 BMO Okanagan International Marathon

Just like the title says that’s where I was last week. An Alberta boy, in BC, cracking jokes unmercifully about the Canucks and the poor Canucks’ fans!

I’ve been working on this event for a few years and this was my 4th time out there. It’s a pretty fun one to work on and I always love to travel for it. I think my favorite part over the last few years has been how much our event team has grown and come into its own on a professional and personal level.


Registration was at about 3200 participants this year with around 575 in the 42.2km marathon. However, the big draw is the 21.1 half marathon. This year we had around 1800 participants start. And although it was raining and somewhat cool everyone was in good spirits as they ran by me. The start/finish chute is quite narrow and it took a full five minutes for everyone to get on their merry way. I took a video that can be found on our YouTube Channel and also in our media section.


Apart from race day we have a few traditions we keep going when were there. Dining locally is always a great thing to do and not only does it switch things up and keep you away from the stuff you always get at home, you always find some hidden gems to eat at. This year Ron, Tom and I headed to a little Tapas place called The Rotten Grape, and had an awesome little meal. It’s a wine bar that also serves a few different brews including a few local ones.


Food wise it was awesome. We ended up getting a platter to share called the Harvest Platter; which came with a variety of meats, cheeses, breads, spreads, Anti-Pasto, grapes and olives. While not a big portion it was a perfect primer for more to come. They also had a selection of flatbread thin crust pizzas which we got and rather enjoyed.


Another favorite place I like to visit for lunch is The Bread Company which is, you guessed it, a kick ass bakery on Bernard Street. They have a variety of breads baked fresh daily and also do great lunch specials with soups sandwiches and deserts. Unfortunately I didn’t get there this year.


Our Saturday night pre-event meal is always a treat. We head down to this joint call Memphis Blues Barbeque House. Think slow cooked meat, cold beers, huge portions and non-stop blues playing over the stereo. They also do catering which was just as good as sitting down in the restaurant itself. This is the option we opted for this year as there were roughly 25 of us on the operations team.


All the good eating aside the event went very well. Jack Cook finished first in the marathon with a time of 2 hours 39 minutes and 14 seconds. This guy is nuts, not only did he win the marathon on Sunday, Jack also does ultra-marathons. For those who don’t know, an ultra-marathon is 100kms. If that isn’t an impressive enough running resume, Jack has won the Death Race in Grand Cache 3 times and holds the current 125km course record. For a full list of results please visit the results page

All personal accolades there is a great charity associated with the marathon. The Sunshine Dreams for Kids has been raising money to make kids dreams come true for along while and I had the chance to personally support it this year. I was the highest bidder on a ski trip to Big White this winter for some skiing and snowboarding. I’m super pumped on it and can’t wait for the snow to fly down there.

So congrats to our sponsors, Jack and everyone who participated in the festivities. Without our sponsors and participants these events would not happen and I would not get the opportunity to have fun lending a hand on them.



Roadtrip to Kelowna

So every October I head out to Kelowna to work on the Marathon out here. My Uncle Ron and I bring out a bunch of equipment, so we drive. It always works out that my driving shift ends and Ron’s starts right at Mount Robson. However, I’ve never seen it in all the years we take this route.
Anyways you may have guessed, but I saw it this time, and I’m super pumped about it. Here are the photos.



First Curling Practice!

Had an awesome little practice on Saturday at the Granite. Not everyone was there but we had a good little 3 on 3 game with 4 ends. My team ended up losing by a few points, but it was awesome to get out and throw some rocks after a long summer of outdoor fun. Oh and we had a few pitchers after which made the afternoon that much sweeter. I’m off to Kelowna this week for the Marathon so enjoy the Fall weather. Theres also a new video in the media section!