Fishing Derby!

I went out to a small family fishing derby that my girlfriend Megan’s cousin was having. It’s an annual thing and the small pond on their property is stocked every spring with about 50 rainbow trout. The main idea is to clear it out so that the majority of the fish get eaten and not winterkilled.

 Originally my plan was to bring my spin casting gear with my tackle box of spinning hooks. Things like Meeps Spinners, Meeps Comets and Panther Martins. Ben always says that they make Trout go crazy and that is what he was using when I caught my first fish in the Muskeg River. I also planned to bring my fly rod and a selection of rainbow trout flies and try my hand at that. When we were leaving Megan mentioned that it was not a very big lake and to please not bring my float tube. While I would have loved to do that, I understood what she was saying when we got there. 

The time was around 12 o’clock and people had been fishing for about 45 minutes when we showed up. Mark who owns the property had mentioned that there were a few very large fish that had survived the winter and were still cruising the depths of the pond. To get a mental picture of how big the pond was, imagine a large house in your city, so roughly 100 feet by 50 feet. Depth was apparently 10 feet. There was an aerator and lots of aquatic plants. A dock stretched about 25-30 feet from shore on the north side and this is where the majority of the kids were fishing.

 We started going around the lake and had little luck, but we could have made an awesome salad after about 30 minutes. I switched between a Meeps Comet and a Meeps Spinner before trying a few different spoons from my Trout box. I had brought my other tackle box and after looping around the lake, I started searching for something that may be effective that would sink down to the bottom (nothing was rising). Then someone yelped from the dock.

 What had happened was that one of Mark’s sons had left his rod hanging over the edge of the dock unattended with a bobber and leech or worm on the hook. And while no one was looking, something snagged it and took the rod with it. I was a ways back so I didn’t see what was happening in the water, all I saw was Mark reaching in after the rod that was trailing behind the fish.

I got to say, I was a bit heart broken, here I was all geared up and ready to go and this kid hooks a fish that was obviously big enough to yank his rod around and keep swimming with it. When he managed to pull it in this is what came out. This was the best picture we could get because the dock was pretty packed.


The fish was massive. I could see it from 50 feet away. The fish weighed 5.7 pounds! After that my heart just wasn’t in it. I’m convinced fish will talk to each other, and while it may sound stupid no one caught anything from that time till the time we left at around 3:30. I did see it or another big one a few times. It rose where I was dragging my hook a few times but didn’t strike at all. Just swam to the surface, taunting me.

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