Last time Megan and I traveled down to Calgary to visit Ryan and Dominika they mentioned we should do a trip down south. Originally we decided to go to the Castle River falls, however the weekend before when Ryan and I were looking at maps and travel times we decided it might have been a tad to far to drive on a Friday after work. Considering I took a pile of time off for a few events I usually work on in August I knew I wouldn’t be able to take more time off to drive a full day to get there. I defiantly want to go there some day but it would probably happen on a long weekend. The drive would have been around 7 hours for me and about 3 for Ryan.

I put it out there that we should meet in the middle and either do somewhere near Rocky Mountain House, or go to the badlands and explore what it had to offer. With a bit more discussion we decided on the badlands for a few reasons. I had never been camping there, and we usually go camping in the mountains. Megan and I would drive down on Friday after work, and Ryan and Domi would head down first thing Saturday morning.

I did a bit of research on campgrounds and found a pile of them. Most of them are RV parks which totally turn me off but after a bit of digging I found a few that would be suitable for what we wanted. We ended up deciding on a campground called Pinter’s Campground and Riverside Acres. It boasted a bunch of sites that were “well treed”, a group site and some powered sites for RVs and trailers as well. Camping is comparable to provincial recreation areas at $15 per night. Pinter’s is also located on the Red Deer River and has a beach you could hang out on. Being a family campsite there were kids everywhere. This was a deterrent for me to stay here again. While the campsite was clean and well kept, I did not enjoy having noisy kids around all the time. Pinter’s Campground is located in the town of Rosedale and is about a 15 minute walk from the Rosedale Suspension Bridge.

Saturday morning, woken by the sound of screaming children I started cooking breakfast. I had never used my camping pots and was determined to try them. I don’t know why I didn’t try them sooner, possibly because when I head out camping there is so much other cooking stuff I never needed to. I think the other reason was that I didn’t want to ruin them but I bit the bullet and cooked up a storm. Breakfast ended up being 4 courses, with Scrambled Eggs, some nice crispy Bacon, Hash browns and some maple beans. Ryan and Domi pulled in shortly after and we strung a tarp up before heading out to hike the Hoodoo Trail. It didn’t turn out to be much of a hike because the map markers are marked on a very small scale but we took some good photos.


On Saturday afternoon we did walk over to the suspension bridge after having some lunch. Across the river from the suspension bridge is an old coal mine which still has some remnants of it left. You’re free to explore the hills which we did.


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