Sunday Afternoon at a Private Trout Pond

This past weekend wrapped up my busiest time of year. During the last week of July and the first few weeks of August I work on the Heritage Festival in Edmonton. Traditionally we have to be wrapped up by the Saturday after the festival, and for the past few years I have hosted a rocking party at my house. This accounts for the lack of updates on my part, which first and foremost I apologize for. Back to the story…

My Uncle Frank who I work on the festival with, asked if on the Sunday I could drive his fifth wheel trailer back to his farm out near Blackfalds and to my amazement I said yes. I wasn’t worried about getting there but was worried about towing the trailer as I had never driven something like that before. After some white knuckle driving in town and getting used to the electric brakes, I hit the highway and was rolling at 100kph with Colin hot on my tail driving the chase vehicle.

The plan was to help Frank set up some tents for his upcoming wedding and then go fishing for the afternoon. I wasn’t sure where or what kind of fishing we would be doing so I brought the majority of my gear. When we got there most of the work was already done and with plenty of people still hanging out we got the last and biggest tent off the ground and on legs in no time. Frank had a bit of other work to do around the farm and joined us later on. Colin and I headed out with Frank’s brother, Jim, to the trout pond. We got to the back pasture and near a stand of trees there was a pond which was roughly a 200 feet by 200 feet. It could have been bigger or smaller but I’m going to go with my original estimate. Jim also mentioned it was about 20 feet deep.

Jim, had purchased about 325 Rainbow Trout in the spring and filled the pond. There was a variety of sizes, 75 10-12 inch trout, 100 7-8 inch trout and the rest were fingerlings. Now I thought that it would be like shooting fish in a barrel, but every time there seems to be a situation that is favorable for catching fish I get skunked. I got both my rods rigged up and switched between them both a few times. At about the time I was tying a new fly on, Colin pulled in his first Rainbow. Frank had showed up after his chores and I switched to my spin caster while he tooled around with my fly rod. the fishing had slowed right down and the sun was high in the sky. by now and everyone was coming up empty we decided to Call it, It was super hot and we were all pretty sure all the fisher were handing out at the bottom where it was cool. Colin had reeled in 3 fish and Jim had 2 fish, I goosed egged it, so we went for burgers and beer at a local roadhouse before heading home.


Discouraged but not totally disheartened I made a few phone calls to see if anyone wanted to hit the honey hole on the river. I knew Logan was always down and after a short phone call he was in and Colin was the next one on the list. But the fishing wasn’t the story on this night. It was the storm that rolled in. I was having an after work nap and Logan called asking if I thought it was going to storm, which of course I replied no to. When we got to the hole fish were starting to rise up and down the short like crazy and we all tried to pick a good spot to toss our lures. Then it started to rain, and rain and rain. Later on the radio said that 80mm of rain fell in about an hour. Luckily we headed back to the truck before that and after getting total soaked when I ran to the house to change into some dry clothes Colin and I drove down to his house to do the same. Here is a video I shot on my iPhone on his front street. Wild weather is an understatement.


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