Pigeon Lake Bachelor party

This weekend was the second weekend in a row where I went to an Edmonton area lake instead of the further reaches of the province. All in all I think it strikes a very good balance between being off the grid and in the mix of things.

The great thing was that I didn’t have to drive hours on end to get to or from the cabin where we were staying. Another plus was that I was able to toss a line in on Saturday night with some of the boys!

The original plan was to head out in the morning and golf the black bull, which is a course on the south shore of Pigeon Lake, and from what I heard it’s a really tough course. I’m not a golfer at all, never liked it and probably never will. I’m not totally against it but I passed on this chance because the lingering rib injury from my last biking excursion has returned and I’m still healing up a bit. So I did some running around in the morning before meeting the guys at around 5:30 at the lake.

Ryan Asselstine, who I curl with Thursday nights in the winter was hosting and provided his cabin and boat for the weekend. There were about a dozen of us out there but only half of us stayed over. We headed out on the water at around six and did a bit of skiing and wakeboarding for awhile until we got a call from mike back on shore so we went and picked him up and threw him into the drink for a ski of his own.

After a short while, clouds rolled in and hunger spoke up so we headed into shore met up with the rest of the guests and began to barbeque and get Russ, the groom, totally shithoused. We introduced his in-laws to Beersbee and after winning the inaugural match (and later a doubles match) I enjoyed some cold beers, juicy burgers, watching Russ Puke-and-Rally like a champ, and Ryan do a shoe after an amazing spill that also resulted in him losing his beersbee match.

We headed down to the beach and stoked up a fire, and seeing that the sun was setting I decided to take my fishing pole down to the dock and try my luck. Mike joined me and I jokingly asked him how much he wanted to bet I would pull in a Walleye on my first cast. I only said this because last time I fished Pigeon; I had such luck on my first and second cast.

Little did I know this would come true and I pulled in a very respectable sized fish about 12 feet from the dock. My only wish was that the fishing could have been that good all night. I managed to pull in an even bigger Walleye about an hour later and Logan and Mike each pulled in one of their own. Mikes Walleye rivaled the size of my second fish, but being pigeon we had to throw them all back. Pigeon Lake has a 0 limit of Walleye and you need a special draw license to harvest them. I believe this can be obtained quite easily at your local fishing store.

The rest of the night wound down with a cigar, a roaring campfire and empty beer cans. I started drinking some concoction Ryan mixed up with several different kinds of booze. It tasted delicious but gave me a terrible hang over. There is nothing a bit of fishing can’t cure, but Logan was the only one who managed to pull anything in the following morning, which turned out to be a nice sized Pike.

After cleaning the cabin up and packing the cars we hit the open road and headed home. Pigeon Lake was a nice short drive away but this coming weekend is going to more than make up for it. Plus we have a special guest joining us…

P.S. Sorry there aren’t any photos from the weekend, my camera is in on warranty work and I won’t have it for another week or so. Here is a photo from the last time I smashed Walleye at Pigeon.




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