Sunday on the water

I headed out on Sunday with Braden, Devin, Jay and Colin for a bit of fun on the lake at Alberta Beach. Our original plan to go Kayaking this weekend went sideways due to work schedules, and Vic was going to be out of the country. We tried to head out to Long Lake but that soon changed to Pine Hurst when we could not get a site to camp. Then there were some more scheduling issues, so over lunch on Saturday, we decided Sunday was the last kick at the cat. We made it happen, and headed out around lunch.

The weather cooperated enough and we were able to get some awesome time on the water. I was rocking these new shades I picked up on Saturday, the kind you see old folks wearing so it was the day’s running joke. They worked like a charm though! Getting the boat in the water was a bit of a struggle due to receding water levels. We ended up pushing it through the sand near the boat launch to around where the buoys are before it was floating enough to fire up the engine.


From there we headed out and found some calm water to swim in before a few sessions on the Wakeskate. Braden made the first run, and Jay, who had never done it before got up straight away and showed us how it was done.

Dev decided to strap on some water skis and Colin was the man on the wakeboard. I ended up re-injuring my ribs in a rather unglamorous way last Monday, and didn’t want to aggravate the injury any further. I was more than content to take some photos, video and soak up the rays.

Joel ended up showing up rather late to the party. A storm had rolled in and there was a line to get off the lake, so while we waited we ate some Mozza burgers Joel was gracious enough to bring with him. All in all it was a great day, and I can’t wait to do it again!

Heres some photos I took.


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