The Real Alberta Canoe Project

A few weeks back Braden and I took Janet’s canoe down Whitemud Creek and it was a total blast.

Janet has had a few canoes on a rack beside her house for years, we took the green one out and it was great. The other one was an old yellow fiberglass boat, that had a lot of miles under its keel but had secume to too many years out of the water. I mentioned to Janet that I was interested in doing some work on it, if I could keep it at the end. Janet was cool with the idea and said she would have to double check with the Scouts who owned the canoe.

Last Thursday when I went down to K-Country I had a stop over for dinner and drink with Ryan in Calgary. On Friday morring I got the e-mail sent to me saying that the Scouts were working on four other Canoes and that they would not mind getting rid of the 5th!

At this point I’m going to have to take a look to see what kind of work will be involved. I know that it does not have seats or a stablizer bar and the wood trim needs to be refinished. Further to those repairs I forsee there may be some fiberglass work to do and a new paint job will be in order. I took the time and headed to the book store last night and ordered a book on repairing fiberglass Canoe and Kayaks and it should be here in a few weeks. Who knows I may even paint a mouth on the front.

My Plan is to pick the canoe up next week and get it on some sawhorses to work on it at my place. Hopefully this will work well with my paddle project!


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