Rules of Beersbee

As of late I’ve extended an olive branch to a few of my good buddies to write on the site here. I was quite excited for this article, and when I read it, I knew it would be perfect for the site. Beersbee is a big part of the camping season for us, and you will find out its quite fun and a great way to spend some time getting a little competitive with your friends. In the May Long update I neglected to mention Beersbee, but did ask Dave Waddell to draft up some rules so that everyone would get a good feel for the game.


We’re not sure who “invented” beersbee. We’re pretty sure that the sport is a Western Canadian thing – surely invented by bored/drunk campers at some lake in the Alberta wilderness.

These rules were developed over the past few years by myself and some of my best friends,
and anyone else who’s ever played with us on a long weekend or during a Sasquatch.



You need:
(2) long, narrow poles, about 5 ft in height. Broken hockey sticks, electrical conduit, and rebar all seem to work well.
(2) hockey pucks
(1) frisbee
(1) field
(a shitload of) beer – cans are required

Affix the pucks to the top of the poles and jam em into the ground, about 10-12 yards apart. There’s no “set” distance – you can go longer or shorter if you want.

Grab two empty cans and place them on top of the pucks.



Throw the frisbee at your opponent’s pole and knock off the can.


*The GOLDEN RULE: You must play with a beer in your hand at all times.
*Each player must stand behind their own pole when throwing and catching the frisbee.
*The play is dead when the frisbee hits the ground.
*If you make a really shitty throw (uncatchable)… you take a drink.
*If you miss a really easy catch… you take a drink.
*If the frisbee goes through your legs (fivehole)… you take a drink.
*If you throw the frisbee and it hits the ground before your opponent’s pole… you take a drink AND your opponent gets to throw their next shot from the point where the frisbee hit the ground.

*If you hit the pole and the can falls and hits the ground – it’s worth one point.
*If you hit the can DIRECTLY and it hits the ground – it’s worth two points.
*First person to three points wins the game.
*If you get scored on… you chug your beer.
*You switch sides after every point.

So let’s say your opponent makes a throw and it’s heading directly for your pole. You’ve got two options – the CAN CATCH or the BLOCK.

CAN CATCH: After the can is knocked off… try and catch the can before it hits the ground.
BLOCK: Get out in front of the pole and block the frisbee.

You can catch and block as many times as you’d like during the game… but there are consequences:

CATCHES: If you make three can catches … your opponent scores a point.
The “catch count” goes back to zero every time a point is scored.

BLOCKS: You get one free block per game. If you make a second block, your opponent gets a free penalty shot from half the distance (which means no defence allowed).

For every successive block you make – your opponent gets another penalty shot and the distance is halved again.

The Hammer Throw Issue is the most controversial issue in the world of professional sport.

The basic rule – as we’ve kind of agreed to – is: don’t be a dick.
If it’s dark, don’t be whipping hammer throws at people’s heads.
If you’re five yards away, or if your opponent is bombed and has no motor skills left, same thing. Otherwise… have at ‘er.
We’d like everybody to keep their teeth.

Same rules as regular matches – except that players must alternate throws AND the frisbee must be passed in the air from player to player. (ie no handoffs)

  • May 2012 Ammendment – All doubles matches will now be scored to 5 points.

-Dave W.

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