Success after an 85 Day Drought

Today was a historic one. After 85 days since catching my last fish I landed a nice young walleye at a local honey hole near my house.

My girlfriend Megan and I set out on Sunday afternoon to do a spot of fishing. We had been planning to go for a few weeks but it was always a question of scheduling. It was hot and sunny down near the water, however given the rains in the past week the water was pretty brown and had a lot of suspended solids in it.

Traditionally this spot has been the most prolific of all the spot I have visited on the North Saskatchewan River. There has only been one time in late fall where I have not caught fish. On one particular evening there were five of us down there and we all were catching fish left right and center. I personally caught 5, but between us we were well over 20. Now you might be asking. Where is this spot? Well let’s just say I’m not ready to share this spot with the world.

Fish most commonly caught in the North Saskatchewan river include but are not limited to, Northern Pike, Walleye, Goldeye, Sauger, Suckers and more rarely, Lake Sturgeon.

Megan was the first to land a fish, which turned out to be a nice sized Northern Pike. After little effort she had it de-hooked and was casting again. I wasn’t able to get a picture of that because I was a bit upstream.

I wasn’t having much luck and after I lost my Dare Devil I switched lures to a small Shad style lure but decided to switch back to a spoon.

I threw on a Five of Diamonds and after my 3rd cast I had a scrappy young Walleye on the line. It took me a bit longer to reel it in. For some reason my drag was set pretty low, so I had to play him a bit but was able to get him on shore and snap these photos before releasing him back into the muddy browns. So ends the Great Drought of 2010.



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