Trout streams and pipedreams

I’m sure we have all been to a certain spot in your general area and wondered what if there was a sweet place to fish here?

This happened to me on Monday. I’ve recently started taking a fitness boot camp to get back in shape and it started Monday. My Jetta was in the shop getting my summer tires put on so I got a ride there from the old man and decided to walk home after I was done. Surprisingly enough I was not too tired and made it home in a bit over 20 minutes.

Now something pretty interesting happened on the way home. Well not to interesting but I was walking through Mill Creek Ravine. Usually when I’m in Mill Creek I’m just bombing trails with the boys, and yes occasionally crashing as well. Monday I was doing something I hadn’t done since I was a kid. Walking through the trails taking in the nature in the middle of the city, when it hit me.

It has been exactly 79 days since I caught a fish (81 now). So my mind wandered and got the best of me. I started to day dream about having a sweet little trout fishery right close to home. Walking distance in fact! Is it too much to ask for? They have it in Cow Town why not here? Can’t some nice little Rainbows or Brookies or maybe even some Browns simply “escape” into my sweet little Mill Creek? Or to put a twist on it, “Escaped? Or turned loose”.

Take a look for yourself at some photos I took tonight before it started raining.


Realistically thinking I’ve come to the following conclusions about my daydream.

1) The water in the Mill Creek Ravine is probably not cold enough or clean enough to support trout.

2) The abundance of food is a definite question.

3) During hot spells in the summer, water levels often drop to a small trickle in some places and stop flowing altogether in others.

4) During the winter the creek freezes over, most likely creating huge winterkill.

5) Mill Creek is technically a tributary of the North Saskatchewan River drainage system, so if the fish got in there they would be gone!

6) How would I keep this little gem to myself if it were to ever happen?

At this point I’ve all but accepted that this won’t happen, it would be a long shot but it would be a sweet one. Is there a solution? Tough to say, but I may never find out.


Keep Dreaming,





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