The paddle is really coming along

So the other night a spoke shave magically appeared in my back porch so I went to work at shaping the handle.

For those who are wondering what a spoke shave is it’s a scaled down version of a drawknife but the same basic idea. It also worked like a charm. I got a lot done on the shaft as well as shaped the handle. After this I’m going to move onto the blade of the paddle. Not to sure what I’m going to use for that so if you have any recommendations they would be very much appreciated. My dad did bring a plane in from the garage for me to look at, so I might try that. However, I think I may run into the same problem I did with the belt sander – not moving enough material.

Time will tell I suppose, in the mean time check out some of the pictures I had taken of the whole process. Note the amount of shavings below me!



PS – A special thanks goes out to John Born for the lending me his spoke shave.


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