Another Ride, Another Crash

So thanks to Victor I seem to be cursed.

Headed out for another ride on Sunday at about 2:30 in the afternoon. Talk about a great day the sun was shining and the sky was blue. Braden and victor picked me out and we set out. We decided to hit a trail Braden had found the other day right off 110 street and Saskatchewan drive. It was downhill towards the river and close to the last place I fell off. Once we got there we dropped into the first section and I really liked how it started, good amount of roots, not to steep and open enough that if you crashed you’d probably be ok.

We came to a paved section, turned right and then went back into the bush and after a short downhill there was a remarkable fun looking downhill. Braden was in the lead and was really cooking it so I put the hammer down to keep up with him. The trail dropped off a bit and reminded me of very long but shallow steps formed by roots. On the second little section my foot briefly came off the left peddle and I thought I was in trouble. Things got progressively worse from there. The trailed was separated with from the down slope on the right with some logs and not to far from where my foot came off there were 2 logs side by side, narrowing the trail a bit.

I don’t really remember how I fell off. Did I hit the log or misjudged a root? Either way I flew off, did a half twist, and watched my bike come back and hit me. Super fun right? It gets better. So now I’m lying across the trail like road kill both Braden and victor were there, I can barley breathe and the glorious day has disappeared. The sky was grey now and it started to rain and then that turned in to sleet. Moments later a Clap of thunder was heard accompanied by a lighting strike. I picked myself up and we headed for the cover of a foot bridge. After a short conversation we picked our route and went home.

The Aftermath.

I felt like crap when I fell. On the way home I realized I was more injured than I first thought. I was sure that my ribs were either bruised or cracked. Before bed I decided I better go to the doctor the next morning. When I finally got into the exam room the next day I was already sick of this new hurt. After a quick examination and being asked countless times if I was wearing a helmet the doc figured I had bruised ribs that may be cracked. He said I could go for an x-ray if I wanted but he recommended that I wait to see if my condition improved or diminished and then make that call…

So here I am, 4 days later and still hurting, I’ve been having people tell me I’m going to be hurting for awhile but ill get used to the pain.

Until then, no heavy lifting, no athletic activities, pretty much just got to take it easy.


And putting on socks is super fun.


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