My maiden voyage in the float tube

Logan and I headed out to Muir Lake yesterday morning for a spot of fly fishing. It was awesome!

I woke with the sun and went over to Logan’s where we proceeded to hit the road. The lake we were going to is not to far from Edmonton, only about 30-40 minutes and is a trophy lake. Logan had mentioned to me earlier in the week that he heard about a guy who pulled out a 19 inch and a 21 inch Rainbow trout earlier this week, so I was excited to say the least.

The rest of my excitement came from the fact that I had a brand new batch of equipment to try out. This was the first trip where I got to use my new fly rod and reel, the waders I picked up a few weeks back and my float tube as well. It was a bit chilly but we bundled up and it was all good. The lake is aerated so the trout don’t taste muddy which is a plus if you manage to reel one in that meets the minimum length required. That happens to be 20 inches. The Lake is also under a bait ban so if you go make sure you have a good variety on flies in your box.

Once we navigated the very muddy bottom we got out to a good distance and started casting. I can’t tell you how good it felt to wet a line again. It was also very cool because I was on my own little island of float tube which after awhile felt pretty natural. We both started with Woolly Buggers, mine was a purple and black one I tied the night before, Logan was rocking a Green Olive Woolly with a Chronomid trailer. I wasn’t having much luck but Logan managed to pull in a nice 16 inch rainbow on his green Woolly. After another half hour or so he switched patterns and I switched to a #10 Diawl Bach. First cast out I had a fish take something on the surface about seven feet beyond my fly and after a few unsuccessful attempts to catch it, I drifted over to a different location and kept at it. The frustrating part was that this happened again about 40 minutes after that, but in a different part of the lake.

We had been out for almost 3 hours and my ass was getting real cold. Logan had mentioned his feet were getting cold as well. A more immediate problem was I had to pee. Now the boys were telling me that it is somewhat of an art form to pee from your float tube. I was convinced of it was but knew I could not do it. My waders were right up to my armpits, and sitting in my tube I have water around my waist, so I kicked over to the shore. It was getting shallow and I was stirring up the silt from the bottom, took everything off and got stuck when I stood up. My stinking flippers had started sinking into the silt and then I went down. All this time Logan is killing himself laughing, I’m sitting in the lake my whole sleeve is wet and now my float tube is floating away from me. The worst part was I still had to piss like a racehorse and I was not going to do it in my new but now very muddy waders.


After I got all sorted out and Logan fetched my float tube I got all organized and practiced some casting off shore. I decided that to get back in and then back out was not worth the effort since we were shooting to leave in about half hour.

All in all I’m pumped to go again, there’s a rumor of a Float tube trip for a weekend so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. The next big one is May Long Weekend, the season opener for many things outdoor, and we’re headed to fish the McLeod River!

Stay Tuned…



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