The great West Coast hook debacle

As some may know I’m on the west coast in Vancouver for work. Things have been going well so far but, I figured I need some extra enertainment cause I won’t be able to cut loose due to shifts that start early and end late.

During the packing process I packed all my material and tools to tie some flys. When we got here I figured I would get everything ready and lay everything out. Here’s the thing though. I didn’t pack my box of hooks. Great.

I called down to the front desk to see what I could find out. They told me they would get back to me. At this point I didn’t think they would, but about ten minutes later I recieved word that they found a spot and they had a print out of a map and an info sheet. I grabbed it on they way out for dinner.

The place in question, was not far away. Mere minutes if the correct route was taken. However there’s no reason to go over there and I always left the work site after the store shut.

Yesterday was different. And my route back from a pickup was going right by there. I pumped the meter and went in. The store was sweet and after little effort I found the hooks I needed.

Didn’t have time to do any last night but when I was brushing my teeth I remembered. I had hooks. They were taped to the cd that came with the kit I bought off eBay.

Remember what you’re packing…



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