Becoming a master fly tier

So this title is a bit misleading, because I’m just starting to learn this part of the sport of fly fishing. I called Shaun over on Thursday to tie some flys, or atleast attempt too. I bribed him with beer so it wouldn’t be a total loss if nothing got done but I tied a few and Shaun did too. The pattern I was working on was right out of a magazine called Fly Fusion I got for my birthday. Evidently its an Alberta publication! I liked it before I even opened it. When I did I could tell they didn’t skimp on the printing costs, judging by the glossy pages. It was awesome when I opened it, they had some great articles and a few fly patterns with easy to read instructions. I picked the Acetone Anchor Worm pattern.

I ended up tying two that night, and just finished my second two off tonight. The author of the article, Jeremy Davies, said play around a bit with tone and colour. I tried a few things myself. Here is my first one.


It was my first so I didn’t have a great idea of what I was doing, I didn’t go as far down the shank as I should have according to the book and when I was wrapping my lead around the shank I ran out and it just got messy.

My second fly was coming along nicely and then I got some acetone on the tail which is acetone floss and it fell off all together.

Today I dipped my flys so this would not happen again, I did run into the same problem as before with running out of lead but my wrap is getting much tighter and I’m sure I’ll be able to judge proper length on the next one. Another mystery that baffled me was how to tie the acetone thread off. I did a whip finish at the end of my last one but it looks like there are alot of left over threads that are just wild, and then there is the red wire!

Here are my four finished flys, the top two are my first and second from Thursday and the bottom two are the ones from today.


This is the last one I tied tonight. In the closeup you can see the mess of floss near the bead head and the stray red wire.


Practice makes perfect I guess!

One thought on “Becoming a master fly tier

  1. Just finished a beauty

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